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Here are a few of our many technology solutions available today.
All are backed by our 24/7/365 Network Operations team.

Advanced Threat Protection

Full end node advanced threat protection with threat emulation for Microsoft Windows® and Apple OSX. Remotely installed and professionally monitored.

Patching and Compliance

Full end node operating system and third-party patching and continuous compliance monitoring for Microsoft Windows® and Apple OSX. Remotely installed and professionally monitored.

Device Backup

Full end node real-time backup for Microsoft Windows® and Apple OSX.  Backups placed in a secure encrypted private cloud.

Second Factor Authentication

The only way to protect your user account in the Cloud—configurable multi-factor authentication for Microsoft Windows®, Apple OSX, Apple IOS, and Google Android. Works offline for those cross-country flights with no Internet access.

Technology Program Management

A Roadmap for Your Organization’s Use of Technology
Strategy | Infrastructure | Security | Application | Cloud

You Wouldn't Buy a Coffee House...

When All You Want is a Cup of Coffee. More than just the upfront costs, the ongoing maintenance renewals, and the staff to support it 24x7x365 — it’s the impact of doing it for EACH of your technology infrastructure core services. With techready, adopt quickly and pay only a fraction of the complex and time-consuming IT project buildout. 

Always Vigilant

Automated security bots are important — bots take the fire hose to a slow drip — but you still have to be there at 2:00 am to respond to the drip. Our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center and Security Operations Center come standard with all of our techready® subscriptions.  

About Us

Information Technology Partners is a leading provider of innovative information technology design and support services, with a focus on contemporary network and client computing technologies for the manufacturing, distribution, retail, nonprofit and health fields.

For nearly 30 years, our operational mission has been the same — to provide organizations with the technology resources that they need so their people can focus on what they do best. Our comprehensive suite of managed technology solutions remove operational obstacles, empower decision making, ensure investment decisions, and connect and secure resources to effectively elevate IT capabilities quickly. We are invested in our clients success, and are deeply committed to cultivating truly collaborative long-term relationships that support the betterment of our partners, colleagues and community.

Information Technology Partners maintains offices in California, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and New York — serving clients throughout the United States and Internationally.


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